Children get familiar with the underground and the surface parts of the object. The tour starts with solving a subject-related crossword, and next a historical charade waits for them.


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In front of the entrance to the tunnels, children may cast plaster forms out of moulds. In the underground part, they solve tasks about bats, insects and related to geology (rocks, minerals). The participants can see the exhibitions: securing underground objects, bats of the Underground City , soldiers’ equipment in the battles on the frontlines, armament of the soldiers on the frontlines of World War Two, equipment used in the object construction.

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In the audio gangway they are taken to year 1945. On leaving they receive the plaster moulds (the plaster figures are the award for the most active during the tour). The next stage is nature education named: "Forest and its inhabitants – the life of animals and plants". This route helps to gain the skill of working in team.

"After completing the route, there is a possibility of arranging a bonfire with frying sausages – for an extra fee”.
Visiting time: approx.2 hours